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Peace of Mind

Winter & Co Insurance: Peace of Mind

In the current blame claim culture there can be hesitancy in those willing to give time and effort to their Club by serving on a Committee.

All Clubs should have adequate protection in respect of legal liability for alleged injury and/or damage to property arising out of the conduct of the Club Business (Public /Employers Liability covered under the "Jack High" Scheme).

However the aspect of error, breach of duty or trust, etc., in the conduct of the business resulting in financial loss to the Club is often overlooked and can weigh heavily on those involved.

Directors/Officers/Committee Liability

Historically related to "Ltd" or "Plc" business at substantial cost.

We are delighted to offer this protection for the Officers /Committee of un-incorporated Clubs at exceptionally keen price e.g.

  • Turnover up to £25,000
  • Indemnity £250,000
  • The cover includes Libel/Slander

The example assumes no previous loss/claims history.

The Directors of Incorporated Clubs (Ltd) have access to the same basis.

Legal Expenses Insurance

It is important to recognise (however remote) there are legal costs to which a Business /Club may be exposed as detailed on attached Oufline of Cover.

We are sure you will agree the above can help to provide the Club with peace of mind.